Poliisin epäillyt väärinkäytökset selvitettäväksi
Suspected malpractices within Police to be investigated

Publication date 31.3.2021 15.18 | Published in English on 31.3.2021 at 15.30
News item

Online postings over the past week and weekend have referred to alleged malpractices by Police officers. The National Police Board has examined the material and has, on that basis, made a report to the National Prosecution Authority, responsible for any criminal investigations involving the Police.he National Prosecution Autorit has taken the case for pre-inspection.

 The pre-trial investigation focused on a suspected crime allegedly committed by a Police officer is led by a Prosecutor and is investigated by a Police unit other than the one targeted in the report. The Prosecutor is also responsible on any information distributed on the case at hand.
- Trust and confidence are the cornerstones of all Police operations. This calls for impeccable conduct both at the office and at leisure. It is therefore indispensable to thoroughly investigate any allegations of malpractices, Assistant Police Commissioner Janne Paavola of the National Police Board comments on the case.
Service, justness and fairness, competence and staff wellbeing are among the values that steer the everyday work of the Police. The duty of the Police is to provide basic security to all and constitute an example to others. 

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