National Police Board signs a contract on police uniforms

Publication date 10.1.2022 10.26
News item
Two uniformed police officers posing in an urban environment, the names Alanen and Mäkiprosi appear on the nameplates. In the background the shops lights and shrubs.

On 19 November 2021, the National Police Board signed a contract on the provision of police uniforms and associated services. The contract is valid until further notice and Image Wear Oy will continue as the contract supplier. The contract covers the police units, the Åland Police Department, the Ministry of the Interior, Crisis Management Centre Finland and the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (SUPO).

The object of the contract is police field, service and dress uniforms as well as most protective and special clothing. The contract also includes identity badges and insignia designating the holder’s rank as well as product fitting, sewing and rental services.

Social employment a criterion

This is not a matter of new uniforms, just competitive tendering following expiry of the earlier contract. Uniforms are renewed in accordance with normal practice based on a needs assessment. Whereas the product range in the uniform collection will remain largely unchanged, efforts have been made to make changes to improve practicality and comfort and to increase safety.

Responsibility aspects have been broadly taken into account in the contract terms and conditions as well as in the products themselves and their production processes. One new element in the contract is a criterion concerning social employment. The supplier is required to have a valid ISO 14001 or similar environmental management system and operating practices that among other things ensure ILO contractual terms and conditions are met in the production chain.

Safety, sustainability, durability and suitability for purpose have been addressed in the minimum requirements for the materials, which have been thoroughly tested and are safe to wear. Efforts will be made to use recycled materials where possible and the possibilities to use recycled materials will be explored together with stakeholders. Responsible 

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