Finnish police involved in the planning of Roadpol strategy

Publication date 14.7.2022 9.37 | Published in English on 15.7.2022 at 10.14
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The Finnish police have been involved in making the new strategy of Roadpol, the network of European traffic police forces. The work of the strategy workgroup was brought to completion last week.

Now, the strategy draft will be sent to the Roadpol council’s member countries for comments and will then be presented to the Roadpol council for approval in the September conference.

Assistant Police Commissioners Pasi Rissanen and Hannu Kautto from the National Police Board of Finland represented Finnish police in the strategy work group.  They were satisfied with the contents of the strategy draft. 

“International cooperation, focus on traffic safety throughout Europe and the work done to promote it are important themes,” says Pasi Rissanen.

“The new strategy draft puts even more weight on crime prevention work on roads performed during traffic surveillance as well as the meaning of communication in achieving effectiveness,” says Hannu Kautto.

Roadpol is a network of its member countries’ police organisations, and its goal is to increase traffic safety in Europe. The network organises several joint and simultaneous surveillance operations across Europe every year. 

One of the key themes is the Roadpol Safety Days event held between 16 and 22 September, which strives to remind European citizens of the daily casualties of road traffic.

The date 21 September has been named as the European Day Without A Road Death. The objective for the day is to have zero traffic casualties.

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